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Autrement is a publishing house specialized in literature, essays and atlases.
Created in 1975, Autrement first published a magazine focusing on social issues, psychology, politics and economics. Since then, Autrement has expanded its catalog to non-fiction at large and foreign and French literature. More than 2,500 titles have been published so far; 1,000 of them are still available today.
Autrement is famous for its unique series of topical atlases, but also for having first published in France Address Unknown, by Katherine Kressman Taylor in 1999. Our house today publishes such authors as the French philosophers Michel Onfray, Tristan Garcia or Michael Foessel, the American writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, the French sociologist Hervé Le Bras, the American novelists Nickolas Butler and Anna North, to quote a few.
We are motivated by understanding and enlightning the society we live in, by decrypting it, and by transforming it. As an independent observer, open to the world, Autrement intends to be a social actor involved in change and movement of ideas and practices.
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